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From the recording KHALYIL

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The definition of Khalyil
A great friend
My definitions
A great man
See I can withstand
Damn near anything
Been in too many things
Shot at, at close range
Moms is a preacher
Pops sold them thangs
Fucked around
start smoking thangs
That was so damaging
Too My young brain
yeah my young frame
I wasn't eating
Seen moma reaching
With no finances
Took a chance moved us to the sticks
Couldn't afford it
A few years later we got evicted
I lied and told my friends I couldn't kick it
had to move
I figured ain't no money
But I had my pride to lose
And then we moved right
To the west side
The sh*t my moms feared most
happened in front her eyes
Thats B and E's robberies every time there's beef
I'm front-line
Shout outs to my Brotha C
But now I'm different
Now I'm that voice that speaks
That voice that teach
That voice that reach out
To my community contact
Front page all black
all that for the youth
I'm out the booth like superman
Kal-El, Khalyil with the fuel of Khalid in me
Martins philosophies Malcolm X
Of Montreal any means I will ball
Not cause I want to
I'm suppose to
Common y'all
Keep hearing I get better and better
got me thinking to myself like I better
If not then stop...

Or flop like dem hoop dreams
Things ain't what seam
Like ripped jeans
When it comes to this industry
N*gga Can't you see, am
Turning super saiyan
Feel it in your soul
Something like a seance
You should just remain calm
I'm a sniper on the roof
Waiting to take my shot
I think it's time that I shoot
Cause I'm running out of patience
Like Mj's doctor
Man ill hit you from a distance
You can ask who shot ya
See that flow Big poppa
And im tryna do it big
I do it for my city man my mutha fcking kids
Yeah The ones that ain't born yet
Swear to god I promise
Pharoah, Jen, Jeena, Marcus
Tru kings we gotta make it
They can't defined me
They can't deny me
I got them kinda bars that'll make the blind see
And that's real naw nigga that's Khalyil
I got more will than uncle Phil and that's the deal
said that real
naw nigga that's Khalyil i got more will then uncle Phil
and that's real and that's real...