1. Tyrone

From the recording M-City To The World

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5am woken up by the phone
Other-end of the line
was Tyrone
Said it was important
He was outside
Got some news on a move
that could probably change our lives
Shit sounded aight
I let him in
Little did I know
That was beginning of the end
Took a step in started talking bout a lick
About a mill in cash
And a half a mill in bricks
I asked him who the vic
That when he started dancing verbally
All around the question
Acting like he ain't hearing me
Proceeded with the when and the how
He said the night that we go in
All the systems be down
He Got the blueprint to the crib
Combo to the safe
All of that intel
But I can't get a name?
I asked his ass again.
Like who the hell we hitting?
I mean like really nigga, where'd you get this information?
That's when he started pacing
On some back and forth shit
Still ain't say nothing
On some straight ignore shit
I Knew he bout to lie
From the time he took to answer
Look me in my eyes
And said he got it from Samantha
chick that he been fucking
That been fucking a cop
And he been busting niggas
brings the work his spot
So we gone go in
And take all that he got
Simple as that nigga
you bout it or not?

I'm like Fuck
Usually I woulda said no
I mean a job from this chick
Plus I don't really trust Tyrone
But I ain't gone lie
I mean these stakes were kinda high
So you know I said fuck it
And I closed my 3rd eye
nigga ill ride
okay it let's do it
long as I decide
What we gon' do next
Call my nigga mills
He gone be behind the wheel
Call my nigga C
And he gone have my back
Pause, look
I mean like he gone have the strap
and anything go wrong
we'll lay a nigga flat
That includes you, Tyrone
I'll tell you like this
I ain't the one that called you
I ain't Badu's ex

a Week later the night of,
Samantha did her part
She took the mark to some night club yeah
and now we in the crib searching
I'm looking for the safe
Tyrone got some other purpose yeah
that's when I noticed on the walls of the residence
pictures of the mark
Different terms different presidents
Fuck this nigga get me in
My heart just stopped
Cause I knew right then
This ain't no regular cop
But it's too late to stop
no time for stress
I'm into deep
Yeah Omar Epps
So we took everything
filled bags to brim
talking money
files yeah documents
At the same time T
Said it's time to go
he got a text from sam
and they said they on the road
so We got out quick
Hopped in the whip
and dipped
Right on time too
we pass them on the way in
we gone