M-city SOLO; an artist, songwriter, performer, motivational and public speaker, constantly evolving, his unique approach to the music industry puts him in a league of his own. M-city SOLO’s musical style is a dynamic mix of modern pop, Electro, Rock, Reggae and hip-hop, with a distinctly Caribbean flavor (a tribute to his proud Trinidadian culture). Because of his desire to stay true to himself and his fans he has branded his genre of music as “Evolutionary”, meaning it cannot be classed or boxed. He relates to the generations X, Y & Z and all free thinkers here to be whatever they want to be, whenever they want to be it!

M-city SOLO is a High Impact, High Energy performer! Inspired by the elements of Afro Caribbean Culture. The beats from the Electro Hip Hop, and the rhythms from African Djembe Drums; his performance pulls all spectators to their feet and to the dance floor to move to the captivating sounds.

In 2005 M-city SOLO, alongside his brother and business partner, created “The Music With Meaning Tour”; an inspirational elementary, high school, cegep and university tour that combines music with a motivational message. This tour has become a platform for M-city SOLO to fulfill his passion for giving back to the community, while perfecting his performance skills. With over 250 shows to date and over 50,000 youth benefitting from “The Music With Meaning Tour”, M-city SOLO can also add to his resume “Community Leader”, as he has demonstrated the ability to impact the lives of youth as a result of these presentations.

During his down time, M-city SOLO continues to share his talent and positive message by performing at Camps, Community Centers, Private Parties, Bar mitzvahs,Concerts, Clubs, Fairs and Festivals. Also accredited to him, M-city SOLO is the 1st Montreal Hip Hop artist to get a production deal with Akon’s Hitlab Records. Whether it’s solely through his music, performing emotion evoking singles like “Mary” and “Warrior” or simply a performance attached to a motivational presentation, M-city SOLO gives 110% every time.